It's Like Having a Car Whisperer for Your Car

FIXD Car Sensor & Diagnostic App

You depend on your car, and your car depends on you.
Quickly see problem descriptions, severity, and repair cost directly on your smartphone to keep your car healthy without spending $1,000s.

Over 10,000 5-Star Reviews!

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No more concern over confusing technical definitions.  Just get the information you need to know in easy to understand terms, right on your smartphone.

Works on Gas and Diesel Vehicles

The FIXD device works with any gas vehicle from 1996 and newer and any diesel vehicle from 2008 and newer.

Easy to Install

Installation can be done in 2 minutes or less and no tools or mechanics are required. Just Plug into the Car OBD Port and Download the APP.

Like Having Your Own Mechanic

FIXD tells you why your Check Engine Light is on, the severity of the problem, and an estimate on how much it should cost.

No More Confusion

FIXD provides you with information about your car that is meant for everyone from first time drivers to car experts. It like having your own car whisperer

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Over 10,000 5-Star Reviews!

See Why Car Owners Love FIXD!

	D.A Newman
D.A Newman
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I have a almost new Buick and the check engine light start to come on, so I took it to my Mechanic and they done a scan and he looked at my car and told me it would cost me $750.00 or More!!!. I almost told him ok just fix it, but I got to thinking to my self wait and I told him I would bring my car back. That night I was watching tv and saw the ad for FIXD. I went online and looked at it . Well I got in the mail the next day. And I done what it said to do and I run a scan and it told me what was wrong and told me the part I needed so I went on youtube and looked up how to fix it and put the part in, I have never worked on a car in my life, I ordered the part on Amazon and got it today and I went out side and put the two parts on took me all of 15 minutes to do and I run FIXD on my car after and it said I had no problems and the code I had was gone and my car is fixed with ((FIXD)) I DO NOT GIVE FEED BACK LIGHTLY BUT THIS HANDS DOWN THE BEST EVER. SO PLEASE GET IT AND TRY IT. It will do the same thing as the $2000.00 machine will do and show you the same thing and what is wrong with your car and it will tell you what part you need and the cost of part. I am so happy with it. It is my best friend now.
R Edge
R Edge
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My '99 GMC Sierra was running rough, lurching and stalling. 2 separate mechanics told me it sounded like it was an intake manifold gasket requiring a significant tear-down to repair. No mechanic really wanted to do it! I bought this device to reset indicator lights on my 2015 Subaru. Just for grins, I hooked it up to the GMC. The FIXD unit told me there was a problem with the mass air-flow sensor. I replaced this $89.00 part my self and it FIXD the problem!!! Thanks so much for a great product. 8 people found this helpful
David Norman
David Norman
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I like the product. Its simple and easy for anyone to use. I have a young son that loves to fix his own stuff and I explained how many parts on the car engine can have the same symptom and with out a code you will spend a lot of money changing parts until you find the correct problem. My Example is car runs great warms up to 150 deg then stalls. Well that could be bad fuel pump, bad crank sensor, bad egr valve, bad idle air control valve or a few other problems. As you can see the list is a costly one all with the same symptom. Plugged your devise in and wala shows a code and describes the heat temperature sensor is bad. $ 19 part 10 minutes to change and back in business. No $ 100 dollar tow truck. No $ 65 dollar diagnostic charge no $95 dollar part and $150 dollar labor charge. The average person would have called the tow truck had them scratch the car and two days later received a bill for three to five hundred dollars. Buy this product it will save the average person with basic mechanical skills a ton of money and aggravation. If you cant use tools at least you will know what the possible problem is before you send it to the mechanic so you don't get ripped off.
Robert G.
Robert G.
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My car failed the California required smog test. The repair shop replaced a sensor based on information I passed on from the smog test. I was told I had to drive the car 100 miles for the computer to settle in to the new sensor. After complying, My car still failed. That's when I got the Fixd. With it I learned the replacement sensor was defective. The shop wanted to charge me several different fees to check the car until I showed them the Fixd readout on my cell phone. Along with the previous service paperwork which described replacing that sensor, they did the work under warranty. Another 100 miles and back to the smog test. It passed.
Bill Kaiser
Bill Kaiser
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This code reader (bluetooth) is FANTASTIC! It's very small, plastic but sturdy, and once you figure out how to install it - it WORKS! The fact that it is a BLUETOOTH device makes it very EASY TO USE. You download the android app from Google Play, install it on your phone, plug it into the interface port somewhere under your dash, wait for it to sync up with the software, scan for trouble codes, and you just saved yourself about $90

How It Works

Setting up FIXD is as simple as these 3 steps:

Plug FIXD Into Car Port

Takes less than 60 seconds and anyone can do it! No tools or professionals needed.

Sync FIXD With Phone

Connect FIXD to the free app on your phone using Bluetooth. Available on iOS & Android.

FIXD Does The Rest

Get notified of any issues with continuous monitoring, preventing $1000s in costly repairs.

The FIXD Mobile App is Like Having Your Own Private Car Whisperer

Understanding what your car is saying has never been easier.

Engine Light

Get notified when the check engine light comes on and see how many problems were detected.

Problem Details

Learn more information about the problem, the severity, and the consequences if you keep driving with the light on.

Maintenance Reminders

Receive reminders when your vehicle approaches your next recommended maintenance interval.

Continuous Monitoring

Leave FIXD plugged in to your car and you will be alerted if it detects a problem with your vehicle.

Accurate Cost Estimates

Upfront, accurate cost estimates ensure you never get taken advantage of and help you make more informed decisions.

Multi-vehicle Control

Link multiple FIXD sensors to one account and remotely monitor the health and status of those vehicles, wherever you are

Learn More About FIXD

FIXD works with all gas operated cars and trucks built after 1996 and diesels after 2008.

YES! The great thing about FIXD is that it’s literally made for ease and simplicity. Anyone can install it in their car themselves – without tools or going to a mechanic. And once you connect it to the free FIXD app on your smartphone, it tells you in plain, simple English what’s wrong with your car and how severe the issue is so you can make an informed decision. You can even connect multiple sensors to one phone, allowing you to monitor all your family members’ vehicles from one convenient place.

If for some reason you have any questions or trouble installing it, simply email us at!

You bet. FIXD gives you the plain English readout of over 10,000 codes that your check engine light gives you. It only takes a couple minutes to install, and once it’s set up, you’ll have up-to-date information about your car at your fingertips on your smartphone.You can use this information to be more informed, knowledgeable, and confident at the auto shop so you don’t get ripped off or end up paying for repairs you don’t need.

As long as there is a person with the car running the FIXD App, you can see the status and details of that car through our Multi-Vehicle Control feature.

You can leave the sensor plugged in all the time, as it uses very little power when not communicating with the app. If you leave your car sitting for more than 3 weeks, we recommend that you remove the sensor.

YES! The free FIXD app is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. It only takes a few minutes to set up and start monitoring your car’s health around the clock, preventing $1000s in costly repairs and giving you more confidence and control at the repair shop.

Yes. Every device sold comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Yes. Every device sold comes with 1 year limited warranty.

YES! Right now on this page, FIXD is offering deep discounts on their money-saving, stress-reducing diagnostic device. Supplies are limited, so make sure you order now before we run out!

Risk Free Money Back Offer

Our customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with high ratings on Amazon, Facebook, and Trustpilot. But if for some reason FIXD isn’t everything you expected, we’ll gladly give you your money back under our 30-day guarantee.